My name is Joyce, and I bake things for you.


I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a double major in English Literature and Psychology. I thoroughly enjoyed everything that I learned, but I spent way too many lectures Googling menus and food jargon.


While living in the dorms, I'd cook and bake for my friends, have them over for brunches, and gift cookies as presents.


I guess over time, taking care of my friends and ensuring that they were fed, was the best practice. Also, many thanks to my friends who seem to have completely insatiable appetites.


I've always loved to eat. My entire family is about food. We'd be sitting, enjoying our lunch, and discussing what we should make for dinner. Food is constantly on my mind, particularly desserts. My dentist can attest to my strong love for desserts.


I am a completely self-taught baker. Though, I guess that's not entirely fair. I owe a lot to the Food Network and various blogs.


I remember my first batch of chocolate chip cookies, burnt to a crisp in my parents' oven—a relic from the '80s, so it was far from calibrated. I was determined to make an edible batch.


So I baked another batch.


Then another batch.


And endless batches of cookies after that.


It was through this obsessive need to know everything about food that's positioned me in this all-consuming love affair with all things food-related.

I think food is a really powerful thing. It has the ability to elevate moods, no matter how you're feeling. As an eternal optimist, I want to provide that for people. I want Cakes in a Box to make you feel some type of way.


In terms of my baking, I keep things simple. I love to eat baked goods, so I bake things that I like to eat. I am a believer of humble, homestyle, rustic cooking and baking, with a small bit of flair. I mean, who doesn't like edible art?

Aside from baking, I'm also a Writer for the New York-based hip-hop and indie blog, Pigeons & Planes, a Complex owned-and-operated site and a freelance Content/Copywriter.


I like rap, painting, dogs, IHOP, and really bad puns. 


Oh, and pizza. I really, really love pizza.

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