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Baked Goods: a playlist for clinging onto summer


Blogging consistently is clearly not my forté, but this time, I actually (kind of, sort of) have an excuse!

If you’ve visited my website before, then you’ll see that yes, it’s received a much-needed update. Thanks to my friend Matt, for whom I baked a damn wedding cake this past June, Cakes in a Box finally has a functional and aesthetically pleasing web presence. So even though I haven’t written anything since June 25, I still consider this a win.

What to say about Summer 2019? I had a lot of plans to do a lot of things, but many of these things did not pan out. Many of my days were spent inside, baking and frosting cakes as I sadly looked out onto my patio, the sun hitting it just right but me not getting any of it. This isn’t a complaint; I was very happy to be busy baking. It’s just a fact.

Spending too much time by myself can result in a number of things. But one thing this summer has given me is a bit of clarity as to what I want Cakes in a Box to become in the next few years. I won’t say much more than that, because beyond quietly setting some personal goals, there’s not much to say. Do you remember what the summer was like when you were still in school? There’s this very special kind of magic that happens in those two months. You took advantage of the warm weather, you stayed up late watching bad movies and waited for the sun to rise, and while you were anxious about the first day of school, there was still a tinge of excitement. You were rejuvenated and rested, ready to tackle algebra.

I’m anxious about these things I want to set in motion, but this summer has put a lot of things into perspective and I’m feeling that tinge of excitement. I’m ready to put in work.

Anyway, here’s a playlist for you. Hope you like the new site.

1. HAIM - “Summer Girl”
2. Clairo - “Sofia”
3. Jon Waltz - “Sportscar”
4. Cousin Stizz ft. Freddie Gibbs - “Toast 2 That”
5. IDK - “24”
6. Cuco - “Best Friend”
7. LCD Soundsystem - “All My Friends”
8. Megan Thee Stallion ft. Nicki Minaj - “Hot Girl Summer”
9. Too $hort - “Blow the Whistle”

Joyce Ng