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Goals? Goals!

There are fewer things that make my eyes roll harder and farther to the back of my head than New Year’s Resolutions. Ugh. There’s something so daunting about them because, for some reason, that last word only sets you up for failure. Is this just my experience? Maybe? Okay, whatever.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made Resolutions and failed to meet them a week into the New Year. And that feeling is awful. But with that said, maybe I think that it’s okay to break them on some subconscious level, because the reality of it is that “Resolution” doesn’t mean anything to me.

Goals, on the other hand… I credit all of my elementary school teachers for hammering the importance of goal-setting keep into my brain. Goals understand that it takes a person time to make any sort of meaningful achievement. Goals are less puritanical if you make a misstep. Goals are forgiving, because so long as you get there in the end, then you’ve achieved your goal.

So I’m rebranding my New Year’s Resolutions this year as my 2019 goals. Here are some cake-related ones, and some a little less related to cakes.


1. Bake more

The truth is that I only bake when I need to. Every now and then I’ll be inspired to bake something I want to eat, but I understand that baking is something that needs to be honed through repetition. I’ve seen myself improve so much in the past year, and I know I have a lot more creativity to give. 

So this year, I’m going to test out at least one recipe each week on top of the baking I already do. Neither Mr. Cakes in a Box nor I should be having that much sugar, so if you are hoping to try some of my cakes, please send me your application. (Or just message me, because I’m kidding. Joke applications, in fact, are welcome though.)

2. Embrace video

As someone who works in marketing, I know it’s a sin that I’m not already creating video content. In addition to that, Mr. Cakes in a Box actually studied film. I have the resources, and it feels like a waste not to take advantage of them. 2019 will be the year of me smiling awkwardly into a camera. 

3. Do more research

To inspire myself and keep myself motivated, I want to try out more pastries and cakes from all around the city. Home bakers, new pastry shops… I want to eat it all. I’m always trying to conjure up unique and fun flavour combinations, and there’s nothing better than supporting #localbusinesses, amirite??? In addition to that, I really want to focus on new techniques this year. More science, more books on baking, more secrets to making my cakes even fluffier, even more moist, even more delicious.

4. Put self-care above all of the aforementioned

I am notorious for forgetting to eat or drink anything while I’m baking. I don’t know what it is. I guess I’m just too focused on the task at hand. So of course, this also means that at the end of my baking sessions, I’m much too tired to do something active. 

At this moment, I’ve never felt more lethargic and less like myself. I’ve really put exercise (and other self-care activities) on the back burner even though I used to thoroughly enjoy such things as running and going to the gym. I’ll be doing my third consecutive half marathon this year, so it’s definitely good motivation, but I want my self-care routine to be more sustainable. Let 2019 be the year of a healthy and happy Joyce.

5. Listen to more music

I really let music discovery slide this past year, too, when it used to be a main focus of my life. We’re 23 days in; I’ve been keeping up with this goal, and I’m already happier for it. And because I also want you to be a happier person in 2019, here’s the first Baked Goods playlist of 2019.

1. Dominic Fike - “Westcoast Collective”
2. Boogie - “Silent Ride”
3. ROSALÍA - “MALAMENTE”4. Maggie Rogers - “Give A Little”
5. Tierra Whack - “Hungry Hippo”
6. James Blake - “Can’t Believe the Way We Flow”
7. Lana Del Rey - “hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it”
8. Billie Eilish - “WHEN I WAS OLDER”
9. Nilüfer Yanya - “In Your Head”
10. Toro y Moi - “Fading”

Joyce Ng