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How to cut a cake

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Cake cutting is always my least favourite part of any cake baking operation. The obvious reason is that I’m literally cutting into hours and hours of work and blood, sweat, and tears (figuratively). 

I’m also incredibly particular about how cakes are cut. Symmetry is important. The way the cake lays on the plate is important. My grandma used to do this thing where she just… jabs the knife in and whatever you get is whatever you get. It used to be a mangy mess. And it drove me insane.

So, while I pride myself in making very even cuts, I came across an ingenious method last year that not only gives perfect slices, but also makes the most out of your cake, giving you more portions than your cake would otherwise.

Katherine Sabbath, Cake Goddess and overall very cool lady, posted a video of her cake being cut by a lady named Julie to her Instagram last year, and it is still one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

First, you make a cut across the cake, close to one of the sides. Immediately lay that slice down on a cutting board. Then, cut the cake into long, rectangular slices. Repeat. And enjoy cake.

I tried making some diagrams for you visual learners, but they looked really dumb, so here’s the original Instagram video. Thank you, Julie.

Joyce Ng