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November playlist: A little late but worth the wait

Between work, planning a wedding, and trying to figure out last-minute things for our engagement party, I’ve been knee-deep in… well, not even work, just other shit. But! I have had this November playlist drafted for so long, and yes, it’s already November 22. This playlist is good, I promise.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the November Baked Goods playlist, featuring some Frank Ocean, Elliott Smith, Noname, Pusha, and more.


1. Earl Sweatshirt ft. RZA - “Molasses”
2. Noname - “Don’t Forget About Me”
3. Cautious Clay ft. Lil Silva - “Always Wonder”
4. Danny Dwyer - “Honest”
5. Brent Faiyaz - “Trust”
6. Pusha T - “Come Back Baby”
7. JPEGMAFIA - “Puff Daddy”
8. Vince Staples - “Feels Like Summer”
9. Frank Ocean - “Pink + White”
10. Elliott Smith - “Say Yes”

Joyce Ng