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Paris, engagements, playlists

Alright, so I dropped the ball a bit on the whole blogging thing, but I’m really determined to keep this going. With that said, a whole bunch of things have happened since I last posted.

1. I went to Paris. And man, did I ever fall in love with it! I had never been a huge fan of the city. Nothing against it, but there was never a draw. All that romance stuff—not for me. But the city really is magnetic. The architecture is charming, the vibe is both energizing and soothing at the same time, and the goddamn pastries. On our last trip to Du Pain et Des Idees (a must visit), we spent $40 on croissants and escargot pastries and much, much more. We ate good. But there’s another reason as to why I really picked up what Paris put down…

2. I got engaged! Yes, Mr. Cakes in a Box popped the age-old question: “Will you join me in carrying each other’s financial debts for the rest of our miserable lives?” And I said yes. Actually, I sobbed like a baby. Because I am a sap. 

He planned a very elaborate and thoughtful treasure hunt with my best friend that took me around the city, using clues he wrote that pertained to our relationship. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. And even at the last clue, I still thought it was just an anniversary gift. He was waiting for me at our place, filled with candles, waiting to make me his goddamn fiancée. It happened a few days for Paris, so it made the trip all the more lovely.

3. I made a playlist for you. It’s for October, i.e. my birthday month, y’all! And it features all of my favourite songs of all time (this was a hard thing to do, actually). It has some Kanye—and no, I’m not really ready to talk about him. What is there to say? I revered him for years and years, defending him at every opportunity because he really is a talented artist, and he’s been showing—rather aggressively—that he might not be deserving of my respect. Anyway. The playlist still isn’t quite finished, so I’ll be adding to it, and I didn’t really order this one like I usually do. Feel free to put it on shuffle. 

Without further ado: here’s a little playlist, and also some photos for your perusal.

Joyce Ng