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I bake cakes for you. Sometimes, I write.


The first slice

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I had been resisting writing blogs for Cakes in a Box for a very long time now. My little cake operation has been up and running for a little over four years at this point, but as someone who writes a lot—especially blogs—for a living, it’s hard to be motivated about creating my own.

With that said, a number of people (especially those in marketing) have been pushing me to do this. I don’t want that to be my driving factor; worrying about clicks and site visits are really things I never check on at all. (This is an enormous faux pas for someone who also does social media for companies—I know, okay? Shush.) Instead, I’d rather this be a space where I just… I don’t know, write! 

Does anyone remember Xanga? Or LiveJournal? I had every blogging platform under the sun. I really liked writing. I liked the way I could make these little letters convey things. I guess that’s why I like baking, too. Did you know that flour and sugar and other incredibly unassuming ingredients can make cake?  

I used to write so much, but now that I get paid to do it, it seems a little less appealing to do it on my own. Blogging was also highly romanticized, but I think social media has changed that a little. No one has the patience to read anymore.

So what I’m saying is: this is more for me than it is for you—sorry. But I’ll still share little recipes and tips here and there, because I am a baker, after all. Self-taught, meaning there have been a number of failures… so many that I’ve lost count. Just two days ago, I totally botched a matcha cake recipe. Rookie mistake, though: tested a new recipe for an order. Oops. 

More than that, I am a food enthusiast. No, not a foodie. (How that word has fallen from grace!) I am enthusiastic about food. I am no expert, but I sure love to eat, and cook, and read about food. If you love those things, too, I think we’ll get along.

Welcome to Cakes in a Box. It’s nice to meet you.

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Joyce Ng