$22-28 per pie, depending on flavour


Currently offering: apple, pumpkin, chocolate pecan, and most any fruit pie you can dream of that's in season.




I'd be happy to bake you a cake (or two). Pricing is dependent on what sort of cake you have in mind. We should talk about what you want.


Please note that I have a fairly strict no-fondant rule. Sure, it looks nice, but it really doesn't taste that good. I believe in incredible but natural flavours, and fondant just isn't that.


Having said that, if you really, really, really (like, really, really, really, really) want fondant, we can talk about it.




Mini cupcakes: $18-20/dozen

Min. order 2 dozen in 1 flavour


Regular sized cupcakes: $30-35/dozen

Min. order 1 dozen in 1 flavour




Cookies: $12/dozen

Min. order 1 dozen in 1 flavour


Homemade Pop Tarts: $15/dozen

Min. order 1 dozen in 1 flavour




So here's the thing: I'm into experimenting in the kitchen, and I want to make exactly what you want. Please feel free to contact me so we can hash it out over email! 


Please also note that depending on what's available during the season, the prices will reflect how expensive or difficult to acquire the ingredients you want for your order are.

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